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Scan a QR code to request a cab
March 19th, 2013 in news

We've been testing out some new creative ways to make it easier for our customers to order taxis; from using your mobile device to pinpoint your exact location, to simply texting your pickup address. Anything that saves you time, and is more convenient than hailing a cab, or getting put on hold when calling in during peak hours.

One of our latest experiments is with QR codes.

If you have never used a QR code before, you might be be a little skeptical about its usefullness, and so were we. But once you download the app, and start scanning things, you discover they are surprisingly fun and convenient to use.

For starters, no one likes to type using the tiny keyboard on their mobile device and QR codes help you avoid that small frustration. In our case, we wanted an easy way to introduce our customers to our texting service, and combine it with our hotel flat rate cards which get handed out to guests.

We decided to go with the Best Western for our test run by completely redesigning our old Hotel Rate cards and adding a large QR code on the back. When the QR code is scanned, the app automatically fills out the hotels street address in a text message, along with our shortcode phone number.
This saves the hotel guest having to not only remember the hotels exact address, but typing it into their smartphone.


There are many Apps out there that allow you to scan QR codes but the one we recomend is called Scan. It has recieved great reviews from its customers, and after testing out a large variety of Apps, it was the easiest to use, and delivered the best results.

To use the app, simply pull it up from your homescreen, center the QR code on your phones screen, and thats about it. The app will automaticaly detect the QR code, and pull up a text message screen with the Hotels address already prefiled.

You can get this app at the following locations

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